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At Bluewood, we are specialists in pre-retirement and retirement financial advice, ready to assist you in creating a plan for the future, where you’re in control.

We respect that each person is an individual, with different life priorities. Consider your life as a tree, with different branches, representing the different interests within your life.

Just as a tree cannot grow without water, care and attention, the different elements of your life are not likely to prosper without good financial planning. If you start with Bluewood, the different branches of your financial tree will not only grow but will thrive and achieve full potential. Bluewood strives to deliver:

  • The fruits of a comfortable retirement income;
  • The ability to access lump sums from time to time;
  • Assistance with Centrelink and the tax benefits of superannuation;
  • The peace of mind that your beneficiaries are properly catered for;
  • The comfort that your money is invested properly and is going to last.


Bluewood is an Adelaide-based financial advice firm with offices in the City and Golden Grove. We specialise in pre-retirement and retirement advice, giving clients confidence about when and how to retire with financial security. At Bluewood, we work with you to create a plan for your future to ensure that you’re in control.

Phil Butterfield GradDipFP, ADFP, Director and Senior Adviser.

Phil has worked in financial advice for more than 35 years and has a wealth of experience. He has worked with global life insurers, big-4 banks, credit unions, Super SA and boutique businesses. Through Bluewood, Phil and Tracey bring all their professional experience to a personal, relaxed advice process.



Where you're in control.


At Bluewood, you’re in control.

We help you plan your retirement. We put you in control. If you’re contemplating retirement in the next 5 years or so, you probably have questions like:

  • When can I retire – either partially or fully?
  • How long will my retirement income last?
  • What tax and social security entitlements are available?
  • Where and how should I invest my Super?
  • How do I make sure my beneficiaries are protected?

We can answer all of this and more, giving you the control and financial confidence you need to transition into a great retirement, enjoying all the things you’ve worked hard for.

We put you in control, with a plan for the future. If you’re retired, you’ll want to:

  • Make sure you have income for living expenses and luxuries;
  • Get the most out of your tax and social security entitlements;
  • Make sure your assets, especially Super, are invested properly; and
  • Make sure that your beneficiaries are properly protected.

Our advice covers all this and more, giving you the control and financial confidence you need to enjoy life.

Once retired, we help you manage your money.

You have access to great products and services.

Although Bluewood is a boutique company, we are connected locally and nationally – ensuring that you have access to great services and products from established providers.

We put you in control, providing you with individual, tailored advice that meets your needs. You deal with us personally, rather than with a call centre or a branch. On your behalf we access the services and products of some of the largest names in the industry.

We know the people that run them; we know their local teams. We leverage that knowledge and those relationships to add value to our service and advice.

Why Plan For Your Future?

Essentially to give yourself control and confidence. Our advice, based on decades of experience, is designed to put you in control of your money.
We work with you through each step so that you can:


Build assets in a tax-effective way either leading to retirement, or in semi-retirement, so you can generate the retirement income you’d like


Employ effective investment strategies to maintain your retirement income for the duration


Make sure your beneficiaries are properly protected


Have ready access to cash for occasional spending, such as a holiday, a new car, some home improvements or any other purpose


Get the most out of your tax and social security entitlements


Clear, concise and effective advice from someone with expertise and experience enables you to feel in control of your money. We are your sounding board and your professional adviser, for all of the financial aspects in planning and enjoying full or semi-retirement.

We turn all of the complexity of investment, tax, social security and Superannuation into plain-speaking advice that gives you:

  • a retirement income you can trust;
  • the freedom to access cash lump sums from time to time;
  • a long-term investment strategy to protect and grow your assets;
  • access to superannuation tax and social security entitlements; and
  • certainty around properly protecting your beneficiaries.

We’ll map it all out and talk you through it. We’ll keep you up to date and informed on progress over time, and we’ll meet with you personally to check-in on progress and adjust for any changes.


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